Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween Haunt hop

To Marian of Seams To Be Sew I give my sincerest gratitude for arranging this Halloween Haunt blog hop. I also wish to thank everyone who participated with their wonderful projects without which we wouldn't have treats to hop along and be inspired.

Thank you!  Please be sure to visit all of those haunting on this hop today:

Tuesday, October 27

Why Knot Kwilt (you are here)

For haunting this year's Halloween hop, I created the Boo Ghost table topper (or wall hanging, in this case) 

from the Art to Heart Table Please Part Two book.  You all know that I adore Nancy Halvorsen's work and once again she proves to be as dependable in her quick and easy patterns.  Always a favorite.  I discovered that since this is Part Two, I obviously will have to find Book One ... goes without saying {wink}.

I thought my daughters would enjoy this happy ghost shouting boo at them.  I feel the colors are not the typical dark but still work with the Halloween theme... besides, the ghost is just so cute! 

We also have been provided a generous $25.00 gift certificate giveaway from the

Fat Quarter Shop

If you would like a chance to win this gift certificate, please visit the Fat Quarter Shop website and comment below telling me which Jolly Bar you would purchase if you won the $25 ... not that you have to purchase it, but just for purposes of this giveaway.

***  ***  ***  ***
As a bit of explanation for past readers, followers, and friends of my blog, I will admit my contribution to this hop may be limited, especially since I haven't posted here since April.  I actually signed up for this hop in hopes of getting back into the swing of quilting and blogging.  

It didn't work out like I'd wished.  Having to trek to libraries, coffee shops, book stores, or friends' for internet access kind of limits a person's desire to browse blogs at one's ease during down time.  Lack of internet was not the only hindrance this time.  The burn out of yet one more well-used Bernina sewing machine puts a bit of a kink in the plans of a quilter.  However, I found another hand-me-down for which I'm grateful and I had several generous offers of loans for use to finish some projects.

Where there's a will .... there's always a way!

Always be positive, kind, and grateful!

As for any said down time, during the last several months my writing skills have been used for composing legal documents in on-going court battles regarding my two most precious daughters who still reside in Montana while I live and work in Tennessee.  That fact alone has lent towards a huge downwards spike of staying inspired, creative, and light-hearted.

My reasons and needs of having to leave the life I had in Montana remain the same and the decision to leave would not change had I a "do-over." However, when a person is presented with pages of her blog in Court to be used against her for some unknown reason and without explanation, she begins to question the desire to write and share on said blog. 

 While I am still in the battle that is my day to day life, it is understood that my friends have had to move on with their lives as my problems proved exhausting or overwhelming to them on top of their own lives. I will always remain grateful for everyone and everything that has gotten me to where I am today.  My email and phone number are unchanged so always welcome friendly, supportive conversation! 

To everything there is a season.... 

Today, I am grateful my daughters are alive and healthy ... as am I.  I am grateful for my faith and belief that God has a plan for us for which He is preparing me.  I am grateful for the wonders of my new work experiences at FedEx and the opportunities of furthering my education in hopes of providing my daughters a strong, capable role model as not only a mother but as a woman in today's world.

I am grateful for each and every one of you that have stopped by to leave comments through this blog over the years. I sincerely thank you for your time, thoughtfulness, and kindness.

I will always be grateful for all of your kind words about my creative works.  I hope to one day be back to earn that kindness again soon.  

Until then, Happy Stitching!

Happy hugs and warm-hearted wishes, 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Latte Lovin'

Wow!  I see it has been three months since I posted ... holey moley!
For those of you visiting after such a long absence from me, I thank you for visiting and give you my sincere appreciation for believing in me to share something worth you time...

Joan of Mooestash Quilting  has assured me that if I just "Have A Latte," it'd help put be back in the swing of blogging.  Joan, thank you for cheering us through this hop and helping me find a bit of inspiration to get be back to the sewing machine!

I'd also like to thank Dan DiPaolo of Clothworks for creating such a fun line of fabric. 

 I admit to having a bit of coffee with my flavored creamers on almost a daily basis (my scales tip a nod or twenty with that statement!)  While I enjoy my latte drinks, I was struck by Dan's fabric for which a line in the design of his panel truly inspired me.  I show you here:

I've been wracking my brain and digging through a mountain of patterns trying to find something  "coffee-ish" if you will, to make for this hop, however I could never settle on one particular design to create.  I just couldn't commit until inspiration struck.

Funny thing about inspiration, you just never know when it'll hit.

So, yesterday morning ... (YES! I KNOW! Procrastinate much????) ... for some reason when I looked at Dan's fabric panel, I instantly knew what I wanted to do.  

I got out my pencil, graph paper, fusible web, as well as my bundle of Have A Latte collection and designed this project to share with you today.   

Granted, there were so very many beautiful fabrics choices, but again, once the idea stuck, it STUCK.  I wanted to use the other fabrics to piece around the striped border.  In fact,  I even cut up a stack of squares.  But nope, this design spoke to me and said "this is it ... no more." 
I have to agree with the design... I love it just the way it came out of my head.
This wall hanging is roughly 20" x 32" in size.

So I have more to use for accessories in my new kitchen when I clear the sewing machine and cutting table from two days of intense creativity ... 
(you fellow crafty-folk know exactly the pile that waits in my sewing area)

Fortunately, it stopped raining and the sun came out long enough for me to get pictures taken this afternoon:

Where Good Friends Meet .... 
for a cup of coffee ...
for a spot of tea ...
for a quick chat ...
for a long visit ...
for just .....
Where Good Friends Meet.

I have said it before, and I probably will a hundred times more, I am thankful for my online quilting, stitching, and blogging neighbors who have shown me so much support and provide me with so much inspiration!  

I would love to say I'm ready to hop back into the blogging neighborhood again but I don't know if I'm there yet.  However, I give you all an open invite to join me any time for a spot of sweet ice tea out in my lovely new favorite outdoor backyard spot:

where good friends meet....this spot is just asking for a visit!

Please visit my fellow Latte loving bloggers today:

Why Knot Kwilt (ya'll are here)

Again, my thanks to Joan for her cheering of this hop and, as always, 
to Madame Samm  for her creative imaginings to get us all involved!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

TIME for All Seasons Tammy Bag. ...

I begin this post with my apologies ...

You see, I didn't complete my project.

I had every intention and ... well ...

Life happened.

Seriously ... I learned life had different 
plans for my time and I refuse to 
admit I failed ... as I tried so very hard
but to no avail so ...

Along with my apologies to all of you
who worked so hard and completed
these wonderful projects unlike myself ...

I give my sincerest gratitude to
for creating such wonderful patterns!

I give my sincerest gratitude to
for ALL of your hard work and dedication 
to pulling this hop together!!

Thank you Madame Samm ...
for everything!!!

I also wish to thank our fantastic
sponsors for this Tammy Bag for All Season hop:

DMC Threads
H.A.KIDD -- monaco fabric
MsAppleHeart --Tammy Bag Pattern
READERS -- Best Readers ever!

Without further adieu I share with
you what I did get completed:

You see, I chose Fall for my Tammy Bag ...
Fall ... beautiful colors, crisp autumn
breezes, not too hot and not too cold
time of year.

But then again, now that I've moved
to Tennessee from Montana ...
Perhaps I'll fall in love with another
season ...

I was able to take my photos outside 
without snow!
In January!


Love the weather in this new place I call home!

Above is pictured the materials 
I had cut out for my bag ...

What I did get finished on my Monaco Fabric...
Have to admit, I've never cross stitched on fabric
so small but I love the outcome ... 
may even add some of this fabric 
to my Aida cross stitch fabric stash ... 

Yes, I have a cross stitch fabric stash also!

I will say though that I was extremely, extremely
grateful for my pair of Reader glass ... I didn't
think I needed them since I wear everyday glasses with bifocals ... how wrong was I!!

Love my Readers ... pink checked too!!

One thing this move of mine has turned up
is that I have two QSnap frames ... 
they are awesome but I know I can 
only use one at a time so I am giving
this second frame away to one of my
blog followers who'd like to share in
the cross stitching hobby:

I thank you again for visiting and ask that
you visit my fellow bloggers to have certainly
done a much better job at their commitments
than I ....

Remember, if you're interested in winning
the QSnap, tell me in the comments that you'd
So many no-reply bloggers which sadly cannot be contacted ...

Monday, November 24, 2014

Doings Down South ...

Hi Y'All!  

I feel I can fully embrace my use of "y'all" and "sweetie" now that I officially call the South my home ... 
 ... who knew I had a touch of the southern gal living in my soul??

Job search is continuing, as is the wait for my daughters to join me, but Faith and Hope continue to live strongly in me ...
I appreciate each and every prayer made on my behalf!

I had the pleasure of meeting Arlene Blackburn, owner of Delta Patchworkthis past weekend.  I was able to enjoy a bit of fabric therapy by means of visiting Arlene's internet quilt shop that she occasionally opens for her local customers. The shop is neat and clean with lots to choose from ... just as she has in her online store!  And those she had helping customers ... so wonderfully kind and helpful!

Sweet, sweet lady and a true representative of kindness towards others.  I hope to return often, even if only online until she has another Delta Patchwork Warehouse day for her local customers.  Be sure to visit her online shop and I know she's on Facebook too ... link here. 

Found the above fabrics on the marked down shelf ...

I picked up a recent magazine for inspiration along with some materials I needed for current projects I've got in the works ...  
And the little birdie you see above ....

Perfect zipper pull for the bag I made recently!

Well ... I will get to work now on those previously mentioned projects so I have more to share in the near future.  Thank you for visiting!

Y'all come back now, ya' hear?
(sorry ... couldn't help myself... heeheehee)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Twas The Night .... For Me

Hello to all of you stopping in for a visit today on the Twas The Night blog hop!

I wish to thank Marlene of Stitchin’ By The Lake for all of her hard work arranging this hop ... having just finished leading the cheers for the Wicked Hop, I cannot imagine the amount of work she had to do with this gift exchange and hop coordination!  
Holy-camoly!!  Thank you Marlene!

And, of course, our squad leader gently pushing us forward ... Madame Samm of Sew We Quilt ... thank you for your continued inspiration, leadership, and amazing cheers!

The basis of this hop, as I understand it, was to create and share projects that could be made at the last minute ... you know the "night before" ... as many of us tend to have so much going on that we tend to work until the last second trying to fit everything in that we want to make ... 

So, I share with you today what I sent:

Pictured above is a little wall hanging I had in mind to make up before I left Montana to relocate to Tennessee .... it is truly a gift that can be made in a day or a weekend should you need that long.

Knowing the type of schedule I was expecting, I really took to heart the instructions for this hop and chose a project that could be accomplished quickly.

I reviewed my stash of  books with a Christmas theme and chose this project from the Art to Heart Ho Ho Ho Let It Snow book.  And what do you know, I even had some of Nancy Halvorsen's Benartex coordinating fabrics to go along with the project ... oh the bonus of a fabric stash!!

This project included easy applique which I zig-zag stitched around and a couple of borders sewing on.  I added a bit of stippling and straight-line quilting to finish up the hanging ... and wah-lah ....
instant Christmas decoration!

I've been told my giftee really likes it .... 

and what I received:

I received from Marian of Seams To Be Sew several ornaments, a tea light holder, a gift box filled with Swiss chocolates and a jar of pistachio creme which  Marian assures me is a popular creme used in many dishes in Sicily.  While she wished to include regular tea lights, I am quiet happy with the colorful lights Marian did include ... fun!
Thank you Marian!!

And .. before you go, I am thrilled to also share with you the spot where I was able to take the photo of my gifts from Italy ... 
The park pictured is just down the road from my new location ... and as it is November ... I am so very thrilled at how nice the weather is considering temperatures are well below freezing with snow and rain where I called home just a month ago! 

Blessed and blessed again!

Please join me in visiting my fellow bloggers who post this day:

Tuesday, November 11th

We shall certainly receive inspirational ideas for some creative last minute gift ideas!

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to visiting with you again soon ... 

Warm hearted-wishes and happy stitches ~

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Wicked Broom ...

Oh my goodness but this Wicked Hop sure stirred up some wonderful creations and lots and lots of inspiration!  My thanks go to Maywood Studios for their fun line of Black Cat Crossing fabrics which was the catalyst for this year's Wicked hop.  I also give my sincerest thanks to Madame Samm for her continued support and gentle nudging from the behind us all.

I am sure many of you are coming to visit to see who was the recipient of the runner I created with my Maywood Studio Black Cat Crossing fabrics ... wait no longer ... out of 170 comments, the winner is: 

Very pretty table runner and would like the chance to have it on my fall table. Thank you for the opportunity!
Gracie looks to be a new commenter and I sent her my congratulations and notice in an email.

I thank each and every one of you who took the opportunity to comment and enter for a chance to win ... totally unexpected by me and if you haven't yet received a reply from me, please know it's not from want of trying!  For you see ... I've been a bit on the preoccupied side this past week or two.

As noted by Madame Samm at SewWeQuilt ... my wicked broom was traveling through several states which started from Missoula, Montana on Saturday the 25th and landed this past Monday the 27th in Memphis, Tennessee.... actually my broom looked like this:

And, instead of Toto, my little doggie, Izzy, was my traveling companion:

Friends and job opportunities have brought me to this location, and I am, in fact, staying with friends that have opened their home to me until I can find work and a place to call my own again.

Change is never, never easy.  Even though a person knows it is necessary, and the change will be of benefit in so many ways ... it is hard as I am sure many of you can attest.  The unknown, the consequences, and heck, just the plain unsettling nature of change keeps so many from making necessary changes.  I have many I need to thank for their support and friendship through my recent adventures, though each and every one of them say no thanks are necessary.

Well ... I give them.

Lots about my relocation is still up in the air ... 
especially considering the two halves of my heart remain in Montana until things are settled.  
Ironic how you can still function without a heart when you have no other option....
Yes, even now I can't think of that without great sadness ... 
but I know I've done the right thing in moving, and 
can promise I have researched every. single. option. possible.

Soon I will find a spot for my sewing machine to be set up, my bicycle to be parked, and a home to create and life may again find a normal routine.  Until then, prayers for all involved are appreciated!

Bless each and every one of you who are my support and who I count as friends.

I will see you soon on the Twas the Night blog hop hosted by Marlene of Stitchin By the Lake. Should be some very good ideas for last minute Christmas gifts for those of us who find ourselves in a time pinch ... not, I am sure, that any of us would admit to waiting until the last minute!

Until next we visit, happy stitching ....

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day One - Wicked Black Cat Crossing Hop

Hello and welcome to Day One of the 
Wicked Black Cat Crossing Hop!

I extend Wicked Welcoming Wishes to all who visit...

This year's blog hop is graciously sponsored by Maywood Studio's and their Black Cat Crossing line of fabric which you can see more of by clicking the link above. 

For my project, I chose to make a table runner from Disa Designs' My Runners Keep Going book.

 I chose to use the creams, greens, and blacks of the Black Cat Crossing fabric line for my project, thinking these colors lend well to a longer fall season that just a Halloween decoration.

 This is my fifth (or sixth ... {wink}) book from Disa Designs as her patterns are simple and, I believe, adorable ... each and every book has something that I want to make "one of these days" ... so what better excuse to pull out Disa's patterns than for my wicked hop assignment?

But, of course, since this is the Wicked Hop for which I am the hostess, I immediately thought of Patrick Lose Studio pattern Happy Haunting which I purchased several years ago and never got around to making.

I see that by clicking the above link, you can download this pattern if you wish.

I present to you my black cat who's happy to haunt your Wicked path:

My cat is hiding in the trees, ready to pounce on the next person to pass along it's path ... well ... not actually, but I thought it more fitting for this cat to hang around in the trees for this picture. It will soon find a home of a dear lady friend who enjoys Halloween decor just as much as I.
 (I do believe my walls and surfaces are becoming full of Wicked creations!)

And on that note ... a Giveaway Opportunity!

Should you wish to have the Black Cat Crossing table runner I created for this hop ... leave a comment on this blog post telling me so.  On November 1st I will draw a name for these comments and the runner will be yours. 

International visitors are just as welcome to enter the giveaway as my stateside visitors.

Please be sure to visit my fellow Wicked Hoppers who are sharing today ... I know they will appreciate your visit and kind comments:

Monday, October 20
Why Knot Kwilt? --you are here!

Many thanks go out to Maywood Studios for sponsoring this year's wicked hop and to Madame Samm for all of your support in pushing us forward and your continued inspiration for these hops!

Thank you for your visit, and I wish you all a wickedly wonderful day!