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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Are you Thinkin' Christmas???

If you aren't thinking Christmas ....
then you need to hop along the
Think Christmas trail with today's hoppers:

Tuesday, July 31

Join us for Day 2 of the Think Christmas Blog Hop,
where you can find all of the blog hop participants listed.

Then be sure to visit Sew We Quilt
to see the two picks of the day.

The inspiration is wonderful and let's face it
Christmas will be here before any of us
are ready for it!!!

Best warm hearted wishes~

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Don't Hafta Pout!

Now ya all don't hafta pout if you're
not prepared for Christmas,
has arranged for all of us to ...
That's right ... Think Christmas!!!
The hop starts on Monday, July 30th
and I'm sure these fine hoppin' hosts
will have some wonderful and
inspiring ideas to share with you:

July 30
If you happen to miss a stop on
the hop, you don't hafta pout ...
just click on the Think Christmas
button I have posted in the upper
right hand side of my blog, and
it'll take you right on back to
Mrs. Lesley's blog where the
list of hoppin' hosts is kept.
Be sure to come back, because
I've been Thinkin' Christmas myself
and .... I'll have a blue, blue, blue
Christmas (feelin' Elvis tune here) ....
not really, but maybe it's a hint
to what you'll see here on
August 5th ...
Until then, I'll get back to my sewing
machine but look forward to seeing
you on the hoppin' trail!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Quick Project & Blog Hops ...

Good Morning!

Stopping in to share a little project ...

I forgot to mention the last time I made
this project, that this is a pattern made
by Sweetwater, a Little Sprout Collection,
called the Sewing Organizer,
its about 7 x 10 inches folded
and 17 x 10 unfolded.
I had this little project cut out in one
evening and I sewed it last evening.

I'd say that's a quick little project when
you need a gift, wouldn't you?

I know I best be getting of to my
day job now ... {{{smiles}}}
though I'd much rather stay home
and sew more! 

Oh ... and did you know there's another
blog hop being organized???

Yep... Ms. Corrie from Quilt Taffy is
hosting this dots to dots hop ...
head on over to Quilt Taffy to sign up!!

Yep, I signed up! 

Oh we're gonna have fun!!!
Please hop along ... the inspiration
and talent of every participant
is amazing!

Warm hearted wishes ~ 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Twirled Into A Twister & More

Hey!!  Nice to see you all again!!

So, for those of you who read my last post, you all remember
I was just in a twirl of whirling to-do items that I couldn't settle on.  Well, I twirled right into a twister ...
A  Lil' Twister to be exact. 
Here's  how it happened:

Sewed together some charm squares and added border;

Utilizing the Lil' Twister ruler, I cut around the ruler
and removed excess, being very careful to leave
the blocks as they were cut out from the whole
.... not moving them from original layout;

This is the "throw away"
(I couldn't resist taking the photo)

Going back to the cut out squares, I rotated the squares
to form the matching points of the twisted pinwheel.

And ....

My finished product.
Never having used this technique before,
I wasn't too pleased with the gradation between
the pinwheels so felt the middle of the little
quiltlet needed some pizzazz.

So, I drew some daisies,
sticking with the red & white theme ...
daisies are so friendly ... I may have
to embroider little smiley faces in
each flower ...
okay ... too "cutesie" I know ...
 so I won't but it was a fun idea!!

So, this little quiltie is now going
to be packaged and sent on its
way to the wonderful lady who
I happen to know favors red and white.
Sincerely hope she likes it and
will always remember me when looking
at the "friendly" daisies!

oh ... oh ... guess what!!????!!! 
You may have noticed
my new button over on the right???

I was fortunate enough to get in on the "Think Christmas"
blog hop that Miss Lesley is hosting over
at The Cuddle Quilter!!  Woo Hoo!!!

Before I go, I want to share with you a
super idea I found when visiting Miss Carol's blog,
Just Let Me Quilt .... I think it's a great
new trend ... a follower's giveaway.

After the hop, when so very many people
hop through and visit ... isn't it nice to reward
the followers of your blog that have followed
you before the hop .... and after the hop?
I have met so many very amazing people
through this blog and I just want to tell you,
I appreciate you!
Well, I thought that was such a wonderful
idea that I am going to have to copy Miss Carol's
new trend ... you'll never know when {{wink}}
so it will be a giveaway for my followers.

Thank you all and now I'm off to
"Think Christmas" and get some
Christmas sewing done ...
My hop date is August 5th ...
so please come back to visit!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

In a Twirl...

Isn't this posey pretty??
It's a Lantana, one of my ultimately favorite flowers ...
all perked up and posing, asking for a picture.

And so it goes on ...
Do you ever get so many projects on your mental to do list...
that the list just spins and spins and you end up doing
everything but the things you're supposed to be doing???


Yep, that's me lately.
Spinning in my brain so much that I've about gotten dizzy.

Therefore, I'm very pleased to share
I've marked one more thing off that mental list ...

It's a gift ... long over-due ...

See that's another thing adding a twirl
to my to-do list ... getting so wrapped up
in wanting to make something so "right"
as a gift that I tack more weight to the
mental list so it spins a little faster
and yes, nothing gets accomplished.


So ... I'm off to make some get some banana bread started,
begin quilting a quilt, work on a round-robin block,
do laundry, clean the bathrooms, put away the dishes,
change the sheets, begin another gift,
or work on a client's quilts ...
or go for a walk, a bike ride, read a few
blogs or a good book, or a magazine, or
well, heck ...
there I go again!


Gotta go and thanks for visiting!!

Until next time,

Warm hearted wishes and I wish you better luck
with your to-do lists than I'm having recently ...



The winner of the giveaway I posted last week:

QuiltMom Anna from Western Canada

I've sent an email to Anna and hope to hear from her soon ...

I wish to thank each and every one of you that left such kind comments for my Hop Stop last week... very kind and I wish I had something to give to every one of you ... but I do give you my sincere gratitude and appreciation ... so thank you!

Meanwhile, I know there are more AMAZING blocks and bloggers to hop to by visiting the following line-up today ... so, join me in hopping ....

Today's line up of Red White & Blue Hoppers:
Until next we meet,
warm hearted wishes,

Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Hop Stop

It's my turn in the spotlight of the

Red, White & Blue Blog Hop!

My thanks to each and every one of you for hopping on in ...

My special thanks to Jane and Madame Samm for all the arranging!!

Everyone who participates in this hop,
 from the quilters, hoppers, and organizers,
you make this event so much fun and 
share such inspiration and encouragement ...

Thank you!

Without further adeiu,

here's my Red, White & Blue ...

The first block I made is a slightly modified version of  a pattern I found  in the
Summer 2010 Quiltmaker's Small Quilts magazing ...
the pattern is called Stars over Texas by Jo Morton ...
and while I really liked the design and idea of her pattern ...
well ... take a look:

The original block was 8x8, stopping at the red border and would have had cornerstones. 
Needless to say, I enlarged the inner block, added the two additional borders and decided to miter all the corners ... thought it looked pretty cool for a 12 1/2 inch block. 
I used Hometown fabric by Sweetwater. 
Think now I'm going to use it for a pillow front because ... well, I like it ... alot :)

So, I had intended to stop with just that block and turn it into a table topper somehow,
then ... I'll be darned, but I got an itch to sew a bit more and dug through my stash,
found some more red, white and blue fabrics and ...

Well, I started with one blue one, found out I cut enough for two, and couldn't make just two so made a third which I believe should be enough for a table runner ... eventually :) :) 
I honestly cant tell you the name of every fabric in those blocks, but the block is from the book Lazy and Lovin' It by Joan Hawley,
 ... LOVE IT!!!

Okay, okay ... any girl with half a brain
 (and I'm not claiming I even have half)
would have stopped there ... and I was GONNA! 

Well ...I'll be danged (again!) BUT
and I blame it all on Lesley over at The Cuddle Quilter 
who just HAD to make a block that I was drooling over
on the very first day of the hop
so much that I had to go out and hunt up the magazine
she used to make the block from
.... which by the way, was from
(yes, my picture in the dictionary  when looking up obsessed quilter!)

So ... I head to my stash again ...
pull out some more red, white and blue fabrics again

(this is where the ticker tape, balloons and noisemakers all fly free)

Good grief ... after all that hype, you'd think it'd be a bit more exciting than that, but heck ... what can I say, I guess you had to be on this side of my computer monitor ... sorry for the let down .... :) :) :)
But I really like the block and, I cut some "streamers" from the red fabric and appliqued them onto the white backing and made this banner from the block ... it can be either a wall hanging or a table topper ... 
I think what made Lesley's block so special,
I decided after I finished my block,
was the dark, hand quilting she did around the block itself ...
very cool and one I may have to attempt again ...
I promise less hype next time ;) HA

How about to make up for the wee-let down and lack of ticker tape,
I have a giveaway??? 
Besides, if you've made it all the way down to the end of this post,
you've earned yourself some sort of chance at a reward ...

You game?
 Red, White and Blue themed, even :) 

Okay ... first, I do request that you are a follower of my blog
and let me know in your comment,
second, in your comment, let me know what your
favorite block of the hop has been so far ...
you obviously know mine, I'm interested to read yours.

Oh ... would you like to see what's up for grabs???

How's this:

Yep, two patterns -- one quilt and one table runner --
and ... 
 one Red White & Bold charm pack by Sandy Gervais ...
and ...
at time of publishing this post,
I am finishing up a Red White & Blue Schnibbles pincushion
to include with the giveaway ...


I finished the pincushion...

.... front and back photos!
If that is enough to tempt you,
Please leave a comment with the above information,
and I'll draw names next Saturday,
July 14th around 8 p.m. Mountain time.
Make sure I have a way to contact you, as
the winner will be contacted via email and posted here.

If you are a no-reply blogger, please include your
email address in your comment.
I've had a few "no-repliers" and I won't
be able to reply to your comments! :(

Now ... I know there are some wonderfully talented quilters yet to visit today,
so I thank you again for stopping by and send you on your way to visit:

and, if by chance you get lost  sidetracked along the way,
just look for Jane's button on any of our blogs:

And you'll get right back on the hopping trail ...

Until next we meet, happy hopping and warm hearted wishes!

Thank you!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

I'm Sunk!!

I'm Sunk!  It's only the first day of the
Red, White & Blue Blog Hop and I'm sunk!

After viewing this morning's blog hop hostesses, I could not rest until I went out and found my very own copy of Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Volume 5
 (Lucky for me, my first stop at Joann's Fabric had it and 10% off!)

Why?  Of course you have to ask that ... well ... go visit Lesley at The Cuddle Quilter ...   did you visit? did ya???  Oh My Gosh!  Her paper pieced block, Pinwheel Salute, designed by Robin Koehler did me in.  SERIOUSLY! LOL  Yep, gonna have to make it now.  Wouldn't it be fun in multi-colors too?  Can you picture summer time whirly-gigs in bright, happy colors? Yeah, I got issues, but at least I admit it :) First step to recovery, I'm told ..... hahahahaha

On an another note, I did accomplish something productive this week ...

This quilt is called Alpha Buddies from a 2009 edition of Fons & Porter's Kids Quilts magazine.  When I saw this pattern in the magazine, I adored the line of material and the easy looking pattern and of course had to hunt up the material until I found it all.  Oh, and the material line was an Andover Fabric by Nancy Davis-Murty called AlphaBuddies.

Well, I found it all, and ... oops ... three years later it was still sitting in the pile of "want to makes" and I decided the time was now.  Still think its adorable, it was simplicity itself to make ... yes, I still have to quilt and bind it, but that should be easy once I decide what to do with it.
After three years, everyone I had thought of making it for no longer needs it ...
Obviously, no rush to finish it ...
Heck no ...
I've got more Red, White & Blue blocks to go make!

If you haven't already, go visit these fine quilters:

Today is only the first of the Red, White & Blue blog hop,
trust me, you'll be glad you did ...
I know I am!

Until next time,

warm hearted wishes!